Have you thought about planning your fall trip?

Have you thought about planning your fall trip?

Do you like the cold, but don't want to spend your vacation in the dead of winter? Consider opting for a fall getaway! Autumn is a season that presents us with multicolored forests, skies that change dramatic colors every minute, golden hills and a profusion of reddish leaves. The beauty of autumn often surpasses that of other seasons.

Here we suggest the 10 destinations that offer an incredibly beautiful autumn:

Tuscany, Italy
The splendid Tuscan autumn begins in the last week of September. There are countless reasons to visit this enchanting region this season, including food festivals highlighting wine, truffles and fresh mushrooms, as well as the luxurious climate and colorful vineyards. Take the opportunity to go on a road trip and explore this fascinating region.

Prague, Czech Republic
Visiting Prague in autumn has many advantages. The city is less crowded with curious tourists, providing a more pleasant environment to explore its romantic streets. Enjoy the way the sun illuminates the ancient buildings and the leaves turn shades of honey, raspberry and saffron. The best time to explore Prague in autumn is during the second half of September and early October, when the weather is still mild.

Durmitor National Park, Montenegro
While the Montenegrin coast of the Adriatic Sea still enjoys the delights of summer in September, autumn arrives in force in Durmitor National Park. Enjoy the fresh air of the golden hills and the beauty of the mountains, where sheep and goats graze peacefully. Savor homemade cheeses and picnic outdoors as you explore the many reasons that make Montenegro a popular destination.

Colmar, Alsace, France
Tourist autumn in France begins at the end of August, when the summer holidays end. Officially, autumn begins at the end of September and beginning of October, which is also the best time to visit Colmar. This city, nicknamed “little Venice”, enchants with its houses decorated with flowers and ivy on the banks of the canals. Be sure to explore the Alsace Wine Route, a route that connects the region's main wine-growing villages and medieval castles.

Hallstatt, Austria
Nestled in the mountains of the Austrian Alps, on the edge of a lake, lies the picturesque town of Hallstatt. The best time to visit is in October when there are few tourists. Narrow streets lined with colorful houses, cozy restaurants and a palette of autumnal colors await you. Take the opportunity to explore the world's oldest salt mine, Salzwelten.

Madrid, Spain
A trip to Madrid is a great opportunity to see the sights of the Spanish capital while enjoying the autumn landscapes. If the hustle and bustle of the city is intense (as September to November is still high season in Madrid), consider renting a car and exploring the colorful vineyards on the outskirts of Madrid, such as Nalvalcarnero, San Martín or Arganda del Rey.

Highlands, Scotland
The Scottish Highlands are spectacular at any time of year, but autumn gives them a special charm. The leaves on the trees turn brilliant colors and the skies turn shades of violet. Squirrels explore nature in search of food and reindeer reappear in the hills. In autumn, behind the famous Scottish climate, there are countless landscapes to discover, with the advantage of there being fewer tourists compared to summer.

Algonquin Provincial Park, Canada
On the outskirts of Toronto is the vast Algonquin Provincial Park, with around 2,400 lakes. The best way to explore it is by canoe. Relax as you enjoy the wild flora and fauna, including the majestic elk that frequently inhabit the region. Autumn colors the trees with different shades, and this spectacle is scheduled for the end of September. Algonquin Provincial Park is the ideal setting for relaxed days of picnics, fishing and hiking.

Kyoto, Japan
One of the best options to admire Kyoto's autumnal landscapes is to visit the Kiyomizu-dera Buddhist temple. Autumn here starts in November and lasts until the beginning of December. If you can't travel in the spring to see the cherry blossoms, autumn offers a stunning spectacle, with vibrant colors in the trees.

Transylvania, Romania
In October, Transylvania's landscapes become even more stunning. The climate is dry and hot, with little rain, and forests cover the mountains, whose peaks are beginning to be covered in snow. Marvel at picturesque landscapes, ancient castles, churches, vineyards and delicious cuisine.


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