About RC Monaco Jets

RC Monaco Jets offers an exceptional flying experience, service excellence and the highest standard in individual or corporate executive jet travel.

Comfort and convenience are a priority.

We offer air charter for corporate and private customers, cargo aircraft, commercial passenger aircraft, emergency evacuations, air ambulance transfers and private business air travel.

Our team of sales representatives and our in-house marketing provide the resources you need to create the right strategy for selling your aircraft.

  • Private Jet Charters

    Experience the luxury and convenience of private jet hire. Travel comfortably and quickly to any destination, whether on a leisure or business trip. Fly at your own pace!

  • Aircraft Acquisition

    We also offer professional management and expert advice for aircraft purchases from start to finish. When selling your aircraft, you too can benefit from RC Monaco Jets' experience and strong relationships in the aviation industry.

  • Ambulance Jet

    Efficient and crucial solution for emergency medical transport, allowing the rapid displacement of medical teams and critically ill patients, providing immediate access to advanced medical care, saving lives and ensuring maximum safety during the journey.

  • Private Helicopter

    Enjoy luxury and convenience with our private helicopter services. We offer customized flights, scenic flights and fast and efficient transfers to your preferred destinations. Experience the ultimate in comfort and privacy while enjoying breathtaking views from the heights.

  • Empty Legs

    Take advantage of "empty legs" Save with luxury travel, taking advantage of flight segments that are scheduled to return without passengers. Enjoy discounted fares and experience the comfort and exclusivity of a private jet, while contributing to sustainability by avoiding empty flights.

  • Amenities

    One of the many amenities of traveling on a private jet is taking your pet with you. We provide a smooth experience for your pet and offer special facilities to make your trip memorable. Fly in style and enjoy every moment on board.

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